How Much do You Use Your Bible?

BibleThis is very appropriate for the day and age we live in, phoneand I hope it makes you really think about what is important in your life and how much time you really give to Bible study, compared to the other things in your life.

Your Bible vs Your Mobile Phone

Have you ever wondered what our lives and relationship with Jesus would be like, if we treated our Bibles like we treat our mobile phones?

What if we started carrying our Bibles around in our pockets?

What if we flipped through our Bibles every couple of hours?

What if we turned around to get our Bibles if we forget them?

What if we used our Bibles several times a day to get the messages from the texts?

What if we treated our Bible like we couldn't get through a day without having it?

What if we gave Bibles to our kids as presents?

What if we used our Bibles wherever we travelled?

What if we took our Bibles in case of an emergency?

This is something to make you think ....... "hmmm ..... where's my Bible?"

Your mobile phone is a handy device. But your Bible is a LIFE GIVING resource, full of hope and promise. Which do you use and rely on the most?

Are you a follower of Christ Jesus, or a follower of the world?

Give your all to Christ Jesus now, and worship Him in spirit and in truth.